Virtual office in Brno for 10 years

Get a new registered office in a good location.

  • Lucrative address right in the centre of Brno
    Large office complex at Příkop 4. Lucrative place for your business.
  • 1 year of free mail scanning
    We will scan all your postal mail and forward it to you via email.
  • You will manage everything immediately online
    From the desk, without paperwork and visits to the authorities. Save time, we’ll handle it for you.
4 999 CZK for 10 years

without VAT

then at the same price for the next 10 years

Order a virtual office

Virtuanum, s.r.o. responded quickly to all requests. The advantage was that you do not have to go anywhere and all the necessary formalities were solved online. Thank you and I recommend it.

Jan Frolík

Perfect service, company established at the agreed time, no worries. In addition, we use the option of virtual headquarters. I can highly recommend.

Daniel Sojka

I can recommend, very good and fast communication on a regular basis. You always have an overview of what is happening with the company you are setting up and what is pending for example. I rate this very positively.

Radka Drahorádová

I can highly recommend Virtuanum, s.r.o. to everyone. Professional approach, expert advice and literally luxury price. When they can’t answer the phone immediately, they always call back and explain everything professionally. Everything we agreed on has always been delivered on time. Everything was done in order. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a similar service. Maximum satisfaction.

Libor Vyroba

Setting up a company, an account, a trade, registration of an FU, a registered office at a good address, etc… Everything without problems, clear and with appropriate instructions remotely. Fast communication, good price. I’ve worked with them twice and will do it again if needed.


High level, speed, lucrative address. I recommend!

Alita Mozart

I am satisfied with Virtuanum services, I find the offer clearly organized and valuable. The communication was absolutely harmonious, including the prompt resolution of accidental situations. Simply satisfaction.

Miroslav Dostál

The property is owned by us and the service meets all the requirements imposed by law. At the same time, we screen all clients for whom we establish and maintain a virtual office. This will keep you in a good company.

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