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  • Prestigious address near the centre
    Prague – Světova 1 or Brno – Příkop 4. Placing the signage of the company as required by law.
  • No unnecessary services and fees
    You only pay for what you actually need – a virtual office at a good address.
  • You will manage everything online
    Orders received on weekdays until 12:00 are processed on the same day.
4 999 CZK for 10 years

then at the same price for the next 10 years

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Virtual office in Prague
  • Lucrative address in Prague – Libeň
  • 1 year of free post mail scanning
  • Placing the signage of the company as required by law
  • You will manage everything online
4 999 CZK for 10 years

without VAT

Order a virtual office in Prague
Virtual office in Brno
  • Traditional address near the centre
  • 1 year of free post mail scanning
  • Placing the signage of the company as required by law
  • You will manage everything online
4 999 CZK for 10 years

without VAT

Order a virtual office in Brno

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to have a registered office?

The registered office is the place where the business entity, whether it is an LLC or another type of company, is located. Having a fixed place of business is a condition imposed by law. And if you don’t meet it, you cannot exist as a legal entity at all. Previously, these registered offices could only be physical, but thanks to the amendment of the Civil Code that took place in 2009, today your registered office can also be virtual.

Conditions for establishing a registered office:

  • each legal entity can have only one,
  • the registered office must be entered in the memorandum of association and, upon incorporation, in the commercial register,
  • the entrepreneur is obliged to prove ownership or use of the premises where the registered office is located.

Virtual seat benefits from Virtuanum:

  • saving time and money compared to a traditional office (why pay for physical space when it is just an unnecessary cost for you),
  • a good address in Prague or Brno (having an office at home is an option, but most business partners prefer a prestigious address in the centre of big cities, it is a sign of credibility),
  • setting up completely online (we save you the hours you would otherwise spend going around the offices and doing lengthy paperwork),
  • one price for 10 years (fees for services you don’t use can be dropped from your head, in short, one price and that’s it).

What does the law say about virtual offices?

Virtual offices are a perfectly legal form of establishing a company headquarters not only in the Czech Republic, but also in other developed countries from Germany to the USA. This is also why more and more entrepreneurs around the world are using them today. The reasons are already evident from the above paragraphs.

Occasionally, there are reports that this form is used by fraudsters and entrepreneurs for illegal business who want to hide from the law. Perhaps this was partly true in the beginning, after all, virtual residences have a long history (the first ones were established in the 1960s), but this is far from the case today. These are usually more myths and unsubstantiated reports that are only confirmed in very rare cases.

As the law sees it:

  • Pursuant to Section 31(2) of the Trade Licensing Act, an entrepreneur is obliged to visibly mark the premises in which he/she has his/her registered office with his/her business name or name and surname and identification number.
  • The entrepreneur is obliged to prove, at the request of the trade licensing authority, the legal reason for the use of the premises in which the entrepreneur has its registered office in the Czech Republic and the foreign person has an organisational unit of the plant.
  • The entrepreneur does not have to prove the legal reason for the use of the premises in which his/her registered office is located in the Czech Republic if the registered office is identical to his/her domicile (Section 5(2)), except if the domicile is at the address of the registered office of the registration office, the special registry office or the address of the administrative authority which has officially cancelled the information on the place of registered residence in the Czech Republic.
  • The change of the company’s registered office must be notified within 15 days to the relevant trade and tax office. The change shall be documented by a new extract from the Commercial Register or a new trade licence. If the company has employees, it is also important to report the change to the Social Security Office and the relevant health insurance companies within 8 days.

Is it possible to have a company registered office in my own apartment?

Yes, the law does not prevent it. On the other hand, this seemingly simple option can bring with it a number of problems. First of all, you need to have consent for the location of the seat. If the property is in your personal ownership, then of course this is fine, but otherwise you need a certified signature of the owner or a member of the board of directors of the cooperative. And that’s where things can quickly go wrong. Alternatively, if you want to run your business while still a student, there may be a similar problem with your parents, who may be rightly concerned (e.g. because of a possible foreclosure) and won’t allow you to set up a home office. In addition, with a private address, you must also take into account the mandatory signage of the company on the building and this is often disturbing and unwanted by neighbours.

You should also take into account the address of the registered office. If you live in the centre of Prague, you probably won’t have to deal with this point, but in other places it is a food for thought. Many entrepreneurs and clients still prefer prestigious addresses in office buildings that are representative – the centre of Prague or Brno are ideal for these needs.

Don’t confuse registered office and business premises:

These terms are sometimes confused on the internet, but today we’ll put them in order so you can be clear. Their function and meaning differ in many aspects:

  • The registered office is the address where you are based as a business entity, even if you physically work somewhere else. It must be registered in the commercial register and is legally obligatory for every legal entity – regardless of whether it is a traditional office or a virtual registered office.
  • You can associate a business premises with the space where you actually conduct your business and where you meet clients at the same time. This is usually a workshop, shop, surgery or mobile stand. There is no legal limit to the number of premises, but you must have a right of use or ownership for each one. If the establishment is a shop, remember that the opening hours and the person responsible for the operation must also be marked there.

How to change the registered office?

There are two options:

  1. You take care of all the paperwork and go through the whole process yourself.
  2. You leave it to the experts who will handle everything for you.

If you prefer the first option, consider the following steps.

  • If the change of the registered office also involves a change in the company’s constituent document, you must obtain a resolution of the general meeting or all the shareholders. This is done in the form of a notarial deed.
  • When there is no change to the document, the statutory body decides and you do not need a notarial deed.

Once you have the decision, you must file a petition for registration of the change in the Commercial Register without undue delay. The application must be submitted to the relevant registry court and must include the full address of the new registered office as well as several necessary annexes:

  • Proof of the execution of the relevant legal act (resolution of the shareholders, minutes of the general meeting) in duplicate (if the founding document is amended).
  • A duplicate copy of the complete and valid version of the modified founding document.
  • A document proving the legal reason for the use of the premises where the registered office will be located or an extract from the Land Registry, if you are the owner.

Once you have everything in place, remember that within 15 days of the change of address you must complete a change of address form and submit it to the relevant trade licensing office. The same deadline also applies for reporting the change to the tax office, where the change is evidenced by a resolution from the commercial register.

If you have employees, you must also report the new address to social security and health insurance companies within 8 days of the change of address.

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