Don’t waste your time at the post office. We will scan all postal mail for you

Letters, statements or notices that arrive with us will be scanned and forwarded to the email address you specified in the order. As a baseline, we scan 8 pages of text per month (roughly five standard letters) — a number that matches the mail of the vast majority of our clients. If in your case this would not cover all your correspondence, we can agree an individual cost plan to fit your needs.

How do we protect clients’ mail and their private and personal information?

Security is our key issue. We strictly follow all rules required by Czech law and also under the European GDPR regulations.

We have also developed and put in place effective anti-spam protection. Unwanted junk mail and postal marketing, which we are 100% sure you would not want, or is possibly harmful, will be shredded immediately. Usually this will be unsolicited mail of an advertising or promotional nature, offers to register your business in special catalogues and other “services” which are just trying to get money off you. 

For our shredding services we use a high security shredder at security level 4 DIN, which is approved for destruction of high- level classification documents. The document is shredded to particles with a surface smaller than 30 mm², with strips smaller than 2 x 15 mm.

  • All your mail is stored in our archive for 14 days after it has been sent to your e-mail. If you don’t want to physically forward your mail during that time, we will securely shred everything.

What happens when we receive recorded delivery?

We do not handle correspondence which is addressed as registered mail (to be signed for) or restricted delivery (to be delivered only to the addressee). We always send you a notification that your mail is deposited at the delivery post office, where you can collect it or redirect it, free of charge, to a different address in the Czech Republic.

The main reason for this is our clients’ security. Naturally, restricted delivery (to be delivered only to the addressee) can not be accepted by us. With registered mail, there is a danger that the so-called “fiction of delivery” would be triggered. If we accepted the letter, this could start a deadline period, e.g. an appeal deadline against some offence. If you were away during this time (e.g. on holiday) it could be too late for you to deal with the post on your return.

  • Změnu doručení si můžete vyřídit telefonicky (číslo bude na výzvě), nebo online na stráThe change of delivery address can be handled by phone (number will be on the notification) or online via the Czech Post Office website, please see Change of the delivery address online.nkách České pošty, viz Změna doručení online.

What documents don’t we scan?

This mainly concerns large documents with substantial volume, such as newspapers, magazines. If we receive this type of post, we will let you know and you will decide how you want us to handle it. We can forward it to you for a fee or we can shred it. Marketing junk mail and spam will be shredded automatically.

  • For example in the case of catalogues like MAKRO, we recommend you to notify them to change your correspondence address to your home, thus preventing catalogues needing to be forwarded to you by us.

Do we forward post and parcels?

Yes. Carefully selected mail will be forwarded to you by courier, after previous consultation with you. The cost of this one-off service is 99 CZK (without VAT) for mail sizes A4 up to 2 kg, delivered within the Czech Republic (for Slovakia 149 CZK).

If you are expecting to receive these types of documents regularly and you don’t want to pay this forwarding cost, you can arrange redirection directly with the Czech Post Office. The correspondence will then be delivered automatically to any designated address.

What if I change my email address?

If you change your email address, please send us this information from your original email address, so we can set up the new forwarding address. If you lose access to your original email box, please inform us by phone.

What is the email address from which we handle the scans?

Any messages and scanned documents will always be sent from the same email:

  • PS: Please add our email address to your contacts, so it passes through the spam filters. This way the scanned correspondence will not end up in your spam instead of inbox.