Permanent residence for 4 999 CZK for 10 years

Do you want to change your address for personal or business reasons? Leave it to us.

  • Permanent residence in a quiet part of town
    You can choose between Prague, Brno and Ostrava. Labelling is a matter of course.
  • Basic services included in the price
    Receiving and complete scanning of your post mail for the entire first year. Reliably and securely.
  • All completed fast from your desk
    Orders for which payment is credited to our account by 12 pm are processed on the same day.
4 999 CZK for 10 years

then at the same price for the next 10 years

Prices are without VAT. In the case of Prague 1, the price is for a period of 5 years.

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Permanent residence in Prague
  • Prestigious location in the heart of Prague
  • Fast and professional communication
  • Collection and scanning of postal mail included in price
  • You will manage everything online
4 999 CZK for 5 years

without VAT

I want a residence in Prague
Permanent residence in Brno
  • In the town quarter Jundrov
  • Fast and professional communication
  • Collection and scanning of postal mail included in price
  • You will manage everything online
4 999 CZK for 10 years

without VAT

I want a residence in Brno
Permanent residence in Ostrava
  • Located in a quiet part of Ostrava not far from the city centre
  • Fast and professional communication
  • Collection and scanning of postal mail included in price
  • You will manage everything online
4 999 CZK for 10 years

without VAT

I want a residence in Ostrava

Permanent residence

Why do we need it and how can it be changed

We only have one permanent residence. Usually where our home or work is. Some people may even have an office and others may not even have a place. How is this possible and does it have any advantages at all?

The place of permanent residence is marked on the ID card, it is in the register of citizens and we use it in many places, especially when dealing with the authorities. The Act on Population Registration (133/2000 Coll.) specifically states that…

I. The place of permanent residence means the address of residence of a citizen in the Czech Republic, which is recorded in the basic register of population in the form of a reference link (address place code) to the address reference in the basic register of territorial identification, addresses and real estate, which the citizen chooses, as a rule, in the place where he/she has family, parents, apartment or employment. A citizen may have only one place of permanent residence, namely in a building which is marked with a descriptive or registration number, or, where applicable, an orientation number, and which is intended for housing, accommodation or individual recreation (hereinafter referred to as ‘the building’) in accordance with a special legal regulation. In the cases provided for in this Act, the place of permanent residence may be the registered office of the registration office or the registered office of a special registry office, which is marked in the information system as the address of the office.

Typically, it is an apartment, a house or a cottage. In any case, permanent residence does not give you any right to the place in question. It is only a record. You must always prove your right to your residence by a specific contract, consent to the location of your permanent residence or an extract from the Land Registry.

In the case of newborns, this place is determined by the place of residence of the mother. And if the mother is not a citizen of the Czech Republic or does not have permanent residence here, the place is determined according to the father’s residence. If the place cannot be determined, then the permanent residence is determined as the seat of the registration office in the territorial district (or the seat of the special registry office) where the child was born.

How do I change my permanent residence?

Changing your place of residence is common and easier than you might think. Nowadays, all you have to do is visit the municipal office where you want to establish your new permanent residence.

What do you expect in the first step?

  • visit to the local authority (at the place of new permanent residence)
  • filling in the registration form
  • paying the administrative fee of 50 CZK (free for under 15s)
  • presentation of a lease agreement, purchase agreement, consent to the location of the permanent residence or an extract from the land register (when purchasing a property)

Everything is usually handled within a few days. You also have 15 days from the time you apply for the change to apply for a new ID card. The official will invalidate the old one on the spot and issue you with a Certificate of Change of Permanent Residence. You will then be able to collect your new ID card within 30 days. But that’s not the end of it.

Don’t forget to report your change of residence to other institutions – insurance companies, banks, etc. You should also think about doctors, employers, schools, sports clubs and other organisations that might be affected by the change. And if you are running a business and the change of your permanent residence coincides with a change in your company’s registered office, you must also report the new address to the trade licensing office within 15 days. The administrative fee in this case is 100 CZK and the registration is done immediately.

For drivers, you will still need to apply for a new licence if you move to another city. The administrative fee is CZK 50, or CZK 500 if you want your licence ready within five days. You will also have to visit the Department of Transport to change the vehicle register. The fee for issuing a new small technical licence is again CZK 50. Officials will add the new information directly to the large technical licence.

Why change your permanent residence at all?

It doesn’t always have to be a move for work or a partner. Many people use a change of address for permanent residence, for example to make it easier to get to the doctor, to get to the children’s nursery or to park. These are all legitimate reasons. If you don’t reside in the area, getting an appointment with your chosen doctor can be challenging, not to mention parking options in big cities – and especially now that cities are introducing coloured parking zones for residents. The difference in the cost of parking can sometimes mean savings of thousands of crowns each year.

At Virtuanum, we now offer an easy way to set up a permanent residence at your own address, which you can use without actually living at the chosen location. Not only will you avoid unnecessary paperwork, you will also be able to do everything quickly and from the desk.